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Marriage License Mystery

Marriage license mystery on my hands . . . Looking at the Chicago Tribune for June 17, 1890, p. 2 at I find that a marriage license was issued to Samuel Prince and Rachel Provolsky, but I don’t see their names in the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index and I need the license number to be able to find the license on microfilm. Fortunately, the lists that appeared in the newspapers were arranged in license number order and so it’s not hard to deduce the license number based on index entries for the surrounding names. The following chart shows what I found using the online index. Jan Jetonicky (153867) Charles Foster (153868) Samuel Prince Wenzl Plefka (153870) Omund Lindberg (153871) Based on this, the license number for Samuel should be #153869 and I find an entry in the hand-written marriage index books (on microfilm) which confirm this. However, when I look at the marriage license film, #153869 is not a license for Samuel and Rachel. It’s for James Gething an