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Chicago Police Department Personnel Registers, 1890-1910

Quick Introduction Last Friday I visited the Chicago History Museum to explore the microfilmed Chicago Police Department Personnel Registers, 1890-1910 , part of a collection titled Chicago Police Department collection [manuscript], 1966-1969 . There are three register volumes, 1890-1897, 1897-1904, and 1904-1910, and I chose to focus on the last one because it was the most relevant to my search. The names were grouped together by the first few letters of the surname and the handwritten entries were easy to read.  It only took a couple of minutes to find the first match. I also took a quick look at an earlier volume and it wasn't quite as easy to use. The names were only grouped by first letter of surname and so I had to look through many more entries to find what I needed. What Information Do the Registers Include? Register entries cross two facing pages and the column headings are listed below. (View large images: Page 1 Page 2 ) (Number) There are numbe

How to Locate District Court Naturalization Records Online, 1922-1940

Once again, FamilySearch has made an important group of Cook County records available online. This time, it's a database titled Illinois, Northern District Petitions for Naturalization, 1906-1991 . There are two things you should know about the title. First, it says "petitions," but the database actually includes declarations and certificates of arrival, too. And second, it says "1906-1991, but the images are being added and the collection isn't yet complete. Current coverage (updated 1 May 2014):  First record #98951 from 1931; last record #278950 from 1943. So, how do you find these records? It's pretty simple. First, search for names in the Illinois, Northern District Naturalization Index, 1840-1950 When you find a match, check the "Title and Location of Court" box. If it says, "District" (or U.S. Dist.") then there's a chance you can find the matching record online. Check the naturalization date. If it&