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The Equitable Insurance Company Creditors (1872)

Some years ago, I acquired photocopies of pages 1, 2, 4, and 6 (last page) of a type-set list of creditors of The Equitable Insurance Company. The document was created in conjunction with bankruptcy proceedings handled by the District Court of the United States, Northern District of Illinois, and the original (probably one of many copies) is held by the Minnesota Historical Society with the James A. Smith Papers, 1828-1893 . I suspect the same documents would also be available from the National Archives at Chicago, perhaps with additional information. I just sent an email to ask. The first page of the creditors list reads: "TO YOU, one of the Creditors of said The Equitable Insurance Company, Bankrupt: THIS IS TO GIVE YOU NOTICE: 1st. That a Warrant in Bankruptcy has been issued against the estate of The Equitable Insurance Company, Bankrupt aforesaid. 2d. That the payment of any debts, and the delivery of any property belonging to said Bankrupt, to it or to its use, and the trans