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Finding Chicago Catholic Records in FamilySearch's New Catalog

Every time I turn around, there's something new to say about how to find Chicago records and that's a good thing. But, it takes a lot of work to keep up. I've set aside the next couple of weeks to sit around in front of the computer all day long in my pajamas eating bon bons and focusing on updating (Just kidding about the pajamas and bon bons. Yesterday it was a Panera Sierra turkey sandwich--hold the field greens and add Peppadew peppers--that kept me going.) Anyway, many of the changes I'm making point to the new FamilySearch site and this morning I found myself needing to update a page that mentions the Family History Library Catalog entries for Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic church records. I got to wondering what the best way to pull those up might be. I'll spare you a detailed report on all the things I tried and share the approaches that seemed to work best. Search 1: Looking for a list of Chicago Catholic Church records in the c