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Our Lady of Sorrows Baptisms Recorded in Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Register

A few days ago I discovered baptisms from Our Lady of Sorrows (Sorrows) recorded in a register from Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Assumption). It isn’t a wildly important find, but it’s worth mentioning. The Assumption register begins with an alphabetical index to baptisms 1881-1888. [1] Following that, there are three more pages of index entries with a heading that reads "Baptizatorum In Ecclesia St. M. Dolorosae 1406 W. Jackson from 3d January 1875 to 26 July 1889." [2] This second index covers 111 Sorrows baptisms that were recorded on pages 201 to 228 of the Assumption register. [3] I haven’t compared all of the entries in the Assumption register with entries in the Sorrows register, but a quick check suggests the Assumption register contains a small subset of baptisms that are also in the Our Lady of Sorrows register. For example, the Assumption register has a single entry for 12 September 1875--the baptism of Rosam Antiquo. [4] The Sorrows register has