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How to Find EDs using

I'm writing this post as a quick response to a  Chicago Genealogy Facebook page  question about how to use an address to determine a 1920 Census ED using the maps found on . 1) Find the address using Google Maps. I'm going to try 2711 Hillock. 2) Once you've found the address, note the large cross streets. In this case, the canal/river is prominent and I notice that the address is southwest of the curve. 3) Go to and click on the 1920 Ward map. 4) Notice how prominent the canal is. Based on the Google map, I guess that the address is part or the 4th ward so I click on the number 4 to see the map of EDs within the ward. 5) Going back to the Google map, I look for large streets and try to find them on the ED map. I see that the address is west of Halsted and south of Cermak. Does that help? Yes. I see Halsted on the ED map so that narrows down the eastern border. 6) I go back to the Google map and look for other streets close to