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Lucy Theodate Holmes' Christmas Sorrow

Kalamazoo County death register showing entry for Baby Boy Holmes Some years ago, I spent many hours researching Lucy Theodate Holmes, the daughter of Myrta Z. Belknap and H. H. Holmes , and one of the things I learned was that she gave birth to a son who died on Christmas--a son whose earthly life lasted but 45 minutes. Baby Boy Hunter died on 25 December 1919. His death was reported to the Kalamazoo County Clerk where he was recorded as the son of "Lucy T. Holmes," born in Illinois, and "James Douglas Hunter," born in Minnesota. [1] The death record for Baby Boy Hunter can be viewed on FamilySearch but you will need to be logged in to access it: The cause of death is difficult to read, but it appears to be "Asphyxia due to prolapsed cord and difficult breech extraction following version." I cannot imagine the pain that Lucy must have endured on that day--and on the many Christmases t

Asking for Films to be Added to FamilySearch's Digital Collection

I've been working on some Ohio research lately and yesterday's finds led me to Knox County deed book films that haven't been made available online yet. I recalled reading something about asking FamilySearch to add films to a wish list and a bit of online searching took me to a FamilySearch article titled " UPDATE: FamilySearch Digital Records Access Replacing Microfilm ." It says "if customers need access to a particular film yet to be digitized, they can express interest to have it added to the priority digitization by contacting FamilySearch Support." [1] So, I called the number (1-866-406-1830) and inquired. The short of it is, I was allowed to ask for up to five films and so I did. This morning I received an email telling me three things: My request was submitted. They might not be able to put a film online; it depends on permission from the record owner. They can't tell me when the films might be available and can't notif